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Maxis Limousine Service

Maxis Limousine Service a Milan offers you the opportunity to hire one of our spectacular Limousines and to treat yourself like a King for that special occasion. A unique way to ensure you donít go unnoticed and to enjoy yourself in the lap of luxury and comfort in which we wrap you. A service both professional and qualified that only Maxis Limousine Service knows how to provide.

Our Services

Maxis Limousine Service offers not only the possibility of hiring a limousine but also the opportunity to take full advantage of our special services that are at your disposal upon request. Choose between; Personal Shopper, Bodyguard, Security Management, Party Organisation, Restaurant and Bar bookings, Tourist Guide with Translator etc.
Our Services

Why Hire a Limousine?

There are more reasons for hiring a limousine than you can imagine. Special occasions should be treated as such, for this reason hiring a limousine could be the perfect idea for; Parties, Ceremonies, Weddings, Business Trips, Prize Givings, Inaugurations, Meetings, Opening Nights, Concerts, Graduation Parties, and all the other special occasions that come to mind!
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